Lawn Mowing Service Kent

lawn-mowing-service-kent-waA beautifully-manicured front yard provides the perfect focal point for increased curb appeal in Kent. While grass cutting may seem like one of the simplest projects, to keep it well-maintained and healthy requires a significant amount of time and effort that you may not have as a home or business owner.

As a successful family-owned and operated business, providing local lawn mowing services that are so vital to growing a healthy lawn is our profession.  Our experienced technicians know that achieving a neat, healthy manicured yard requires skills, knowledge and hard work that are often overlooked by busy owners and some contractors:

  • Use of well-maintained equipment, appropriate tools, and always sharp blades
  • Cutting pattern variations to reduce stress of grass plants
  • Timely adjustments of cutting height for optimum growth depending on current climate conditions, grass varieties, and seasons for optimum growth
  • Careful edging, trimming and power blowing

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Lawn Care Services Kent

lawn-care-services-kent-waOur skilled technicians make it look easy to achieve a beautiful, lush green lawn that you have always longed for in Kent!

As a family-owned and operated business with years of experience and expertise in developing and maintaining magnificent landscapes, we put all of our management practices to work when called to restore healthy growth with carefully-planned customized lawn care services such as:

  • pH balancing for preparation of healthy soil
  • Fertilization to replace essential nutrients
  • Annual or semi-annual core aeration to promote strong root growth
  • Use of finest performing grass varieties for your area
  • Wise and efficient watering techniques
  • Proper grass cutting techniques to ensure healthy growth

Call us today for a tailored plan to meet your specific needs and bring added value to your landscape investment.

Kent Landscape Maintenance

landscape-maintenance-kent-waLandscape maintenance is a complex science that requires training, knowledge and expertise to recognize exactly what is needed, and when – all vital to growing healthy grass!

We have years of experience since 2005, with skilled technicians that recognize the needs of your lawn, and to set it on the right path by initiating our proactive plan to support healthy soil and plant growth:

  • Proper grass cutting techniques to ensure healthy growth
  • Pre and post-emergent weed control
  • Edging, trimming and power blowing
  • Spring and fall cleanup including leaf and debris removal
  • Turf management
  • Timely shrub and turf fertilization
  • Disease and pest control
  • Drainage system upkeep and erosion control
  • Sod replacement or new installation
  • Shrub and tree care and planting
  • Hardscapes maintenance, renovations and installations
  • …and more

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