Lawn Mowing Service Bellevue

lawn-mowing-service-covington-waAs a full-service landscaping company, we recognize proper lawn mowing service and watering techniques as the initial steps to development of a healthy lawn. With each perfect grass cutting we strive to maintain a cohesive look by developing your lawn in Covington into a beautiful backdrop of well-tended green to emphasize the focal point of vibrant colors of your flowerbeds and bushes.

Our technicians have years of experience in evaluating the needs of individual client sites to deliver perfection with each cut. As skilled workers they take into account specific variables and techniques that will have a positive effect on your outdoor spaces and the environment such as, but not limited to:

  • Proper cutting height depending on grass variety and climate conditions to encourage optimum health and growth
  • Systematic variation in mowing patterns to reduce stress of grasses
  • Well-maintained equipment with sharpened blades
  • Professional border edging and trimming

Call us to keep your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape for a family with an active lifestyle, or to maintain a spectacular formal yard with a measure of elegance.

Lawn Care Services Bellevue

lawn-care-services-covington-waAs professionals with years of experience, we provide lawn care services for residents of Bellevue utilizing best management practices to maintain healthy growth.

Whether mature and well-established, or newly-planted, developing and sustaining a healthy and lush green yard requires:

  • Top-performing grass varieties
  • A foundation of healthy soil to deliver air, water and nutrients to the plants and to help make them naturally resistant to pests and diseases
  • Annual or semi-annual aeration to promote moisture infiltration into the soil and stronger root growth
  • Overseeding and top dressing to improve soil condition and water retention
  • Organic and slow-release fertilization for replacement of essential nutrients and healthy development of roots
  • Efficient and wise watering
  • Smart grass cutting techniques

We know and understand that a healthy, lush green yard requires knowledge, effort and time. Our technicians are dedicated to putting their skills to work for our clients.

Call us today to learn how we can help you achieve the full potential of your lawn!

Bellevue Landscape Maintenance

landscape-maintenance-covington-waAs professional experts with a time-honored reputation for high-quality workmanship, remarkable creativity and affordable services, we can develop a unique program tailored to the specific nature of your residential property in Bellevue.

Our comprehensive residential landscape maintenance service program includes all practices essential to sustaining client properties at their best and concurrent with seasonal conditions.

With the four specific seasons in our area, we are fully prepared with equipment and experienced technicians to preserve the integrity of your landscape with a program that may include:

  • Complete mowing and turf management
  • Perimeter and border edging/trimming
  • Weed control – pre and post-emergent applications
  • Leaf removal
  • Yard cleanup – spring and fall
  • Tree planting – shade, ornamental or privacy
  • Shrub and turf fertilization
  • Power-blowing walkways, driveways and patios
  • Pest and plant disease control/monitoring
  • Seeding and sod-replacement
  • Drainage system maintenance and erosion control
  • Hardscapes maintenance
  • …and more

Call Vital Landscapes to keep all elements of your outdoor spaces and environment healthy and beautifully manicured. 425-919-0135