Landscape Pavers Installed – Walkways and Patios

Landscape Pavers Renton WAWe offer a variety of landscaping services to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces for residential property owners.

As landscaping professionals, we offer gorgeous landscape pavers installations customized to meet the individual needs and preferences of each client.  We specialize in paver patio installations and walkways that add unsurpassable elegance and beauty to your home while also providing a high degree of performance and longevity.

Why choose landscape pavers?

  • Excellent form and function
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Broad range of colors, shapes, styles and textures
  • Extremely versatile
  • Low maintenance

With an endless range of designs, our dedicated team of professionals can create a uniquely beautiful walkway, or a stunning patio with great ambiance for your home. 

Call Vital Landscapes to learn how we can transform your landscape into a beautiful work of art.

Residential Paver Patio Installation Services

Paver Patio Installation Renton WAOne of the wisest decisions you can make when installing a new patio is hiring an experienced company that offers paver services.

We are landscape professionals that offer a broad range of options to add aesthetic value to your residential property. 

As one of the most reputable and creative paver patio installation companies serving the area, we can:

  • Work with your ideas to create a plan that meets your requirements
  • Provide contrasting colors
  • Incorporate focal points with special design effects
  • Seamlessly integrate your new patio with your home and landscaping
  • Arrange multiple styles and patterns
  • Complete an installation to the highest specifications

Call us today to begin the project.  We will work with you and your budget to provide the options you prefer, and develop a plan for installation that can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Why Choose Us to Install a Flagstone Patio?

Flagstone Patio Renton WAFlagstone is one of the finest materials for a patio installation because of its beautiful natural, organic look, its durability and natural slip resistance.

As landscaping contractors, we can create a beautiful flagstone patio design and installation as an extension of the indoor environment, and a fabulous space for entertaining guests.

It is extremely important to choose an experienced, meticulous contractor for the installation because even the slightest error can result in uneven settling or shifting, and drainage problems that may compromise the foundation of your home

These are reasons to choose us as a reputable landscaping contractor for your flagstone patio installation:

  • We ensure proper design, appropriate size and material selection
  • Assurance of proper water drainage
  • Proper foundational structure and subsoil compaction prior to laying the stone
  • Provision of space filler and edging to maintain proper stone placement
  • High quality work performance – job done right the first time and on-time
  • Reasonable and fair pricing
  • Customer service excellence

Call Vital Landscapes to enhance your landscape with the creation and well-implemented installation of a beautiful patio.  425-919-0135